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40 years of Seubert. This is a very long time. When we started to deliver delicatessen to the elevated catering trade, the Beatles were still together and the first moon landing was just a few months before. Even the company Apple was founded years after us because there were no computers, much less Internet or emails.

Presumably, you call us something like an „old-established business“. We are not interested in the past, we are rather interested in the future. And this could be the key for the fact that we are successful for 4 decades.
There are some things, however, which make us proud of our traditions: for example our understanding of quality and our customer orientation. In these areas, we are so traditional that you could almost call us ‘old-fashioned’. And this will not change in the next coming 40 years!


We do not produce screws or some technical stuf. We produce „food-stuff“. Essential food for living. This has a lot to do with responsibility and respect. Respect for raw materials and their processing and responsibility for our customers. For this very reason, the most important point in our “production” is not the economic efficiency. Coast efficiency is a primary requirement, not the overriding importance. The key is quality.

Our production is organised manually. A manufactory. We only let machines help us, where the quality cannot be affected. Most of the work is done by the 140 hands of our employees following old craftsmen’s traditions. Because people with the full use of their experience and the feeling in their own hands can create things which machines couldn’t create in this way.

The logical consequence: Somewhere in the world there will always be a supplier, who is able to offer certain products „cheaper“. Cheaper in prices but also „cheaper“ in commodities and the method of manufacturing. Our success of the past 40 years proves us right our uncompromising quality philosophy. We are pleased about this and it makes us a little bit proud.


Those who does not continuously change and develop will not survive long. There are many companies, which rely on their long history and/or on their supposedly unique product. This could often end badly: can anyone remember Pan Am or Polaroid?

We have never relied on our history or on our current products. But have constantly further developed. We always seek for the newest culinary trends and we have listened very carefully to our clients. After all, the best ideas still come from our clients. Then we have realized consistently and promptly these requests and suggestions.

And these suggestions refer not only to recipes and product desires, but also to the whole value creation chain and a comprehensive package of services: new ingredients, manufacturing techniques, individual logistics solutions, a gastronomic range of application, a comfortable handling for the chef – there is no area of our range of services that we have not „re-invent“ frequently in the last 40 years. We are partners of all areas of the quality-oriented gastronomy: hotels, restaurants, event catering, casinos, air catering, football stadiums, public catering/ canteens and hospitals… The name Seubert stands for integrated and economically successful solutions in each segment.


A family-owned business in its best sense of word. What began in a refurbished sausage kitchen in 1970 has developed into a veritable success story in the last 40 years. Walter Seubert, a trained professional chef - who gained his experience in Puerto Rico, Boston, New York, England and the Bahamas – founded the company with his wife Edith in 1970.

is still responsible for the everyday business:

„Life is passing on – this is why I am very pleased to see how my son, for more than 10 years now, has enriched our company with constantly new ideas. I am convinced, that he will continue to manage the company with his long-term experience in the professional gastronomy, his spirit of innovation and his vigour.“

professional chef with references from the USA, traditional Munich delicatessen Feinkost Käfer and Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten Munich and Chief Executive of the Seubert company since 1995, says about his father:

„I am thankful for having the possibility to follow my father’s footsteps. The longer I am involved, the more I am aware of how big these footsteps are. It is an honour for me to create and develop his exceptional life’s work. I hope that my father stands by my side for quite a long time.“

Interview with Walter Seubert (PDF-Download)

Our Crew

„We are fortune that we have a crew of largely many years' standing staff by our side. This experience and the manual skills of our staff are reflected in the quality of our products. It may sound like a cliché, but we are indeed serious, when we say: Our staff is our most valuable asset.“

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